Anxiety panic attacks

Many of you have heard about stress, anxiety and panic attacks. They are becoming one of the most common disorders which are faced by a number of people all around the world. Experts have collected much information in physical and biological aspects about this disorder. Anxiety and panic attack is basically depicted as an occurrence of extremely intense fright and apprehension. Experts had declared that anxiety and panic attacks stay for at least 10 minutes in which four of its 13common symptoms are more probable to appear.

What are the causes for anxiety and panic attacks?

Stress and depress mood from any object or thing or say the fear about anything which in real is not harmful but the one who is suffering from it has its own perception about any object or thing that it will harm him can be the cause for panic attack. Though some causes which becomes the way to fear can be:

Inherited or family problem

Wrong use of medications and few drugs

Any phobia about objects

Fear about medical condition. For example, heart problem.

Lack of assertiveness and negative self-talk

Deficiency in body

What are the symptoms for anxiety and panic attacks?

When a person is facing a panic attack, then many symptoms are possible to appear. Some common symptoms reported by numerous panic disorder patients are:


Indigestion and nausea

Rapid heartbeat and heart throbbing

Sweating more than usual

Fear of losing mental control

These symptoms seem to be harmful but in real they are not really harmful. Only this is the perception of a person who is facing such problem that it will harm him or her. Do not get worried if you are facing anxiety and panic attacks but try to understand your problem and you can solve it.

What can be the solutions to stop anxiety and panic attacks?

The main solution to stop anxiety and panic attack is to know the cause of panic disorder you are facing and when you are under attack and facing symptoms then you need a strong will power and positive approach to make your mind controlled from any fear. Try the relaxation methods and consult a therapist who can professional make you relax through therapy methods. Always think positive when you are looking to get rid of this anxiety and panic disorder.

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